Profile edit

You have the option to edit the current logged in user's profile (change name, email and password). To access this page just click the "User profile" link in the left sidebar or by adding /profile in the url.

The App\Http\Controllers\ProfileController handles the update of the user information.

                    public function update(ProfileRequest $request)
                        return back()->withStatus(__('Profile successfully updated.'));

Also you shouldn't worry about entering wrong data in the inputs when editing the profile, validation rules were added to prevent this (see App\Http\Requests\ProfileRequest). If you try to change the password you will see that other validation rules were added in App\Http\Requests\PasswordRequest. Notice that in this file you have a custom validation rule that can be found in App\Rules\CurrentPasswordCheckRule.

                    public function rules()
                        return [
                            'old_password' => ['required', 'min:6', new CurrentPasswordCheckRule],
                            'password' => ['required', 'min:6', 'confirmed', 'different:old_password'],
                            'password_confirmation' => ['required', 'min:6'],